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I have earrings. Check. Headpiece and Veil. Check. Check. Necklace. Check. Brooch. Check. (May need two more, but more on this later). Shoes. Check. Flats for reception. NO! (Need to check DSW to see if they got any new designs in and use my $10 off coupon). Garter. Not sure about this yet need to look on Etsy. Bracelets. Not so much until I was wandering around on 100 Layer Cake and found this gorgeous picture from Aimee and Trevor’s Wedding.

Source: 100 Layer Cake

Can you see the bold gold and ruby bracelet in the second pic? If not you check it out here. This got me thinking about bracelets and then I saw Mrs. Knitting’s post today over on Wedding Bee and I fell in love again.

Source: Wedding Bee Mrs. Knitting’s A Cozy Christmas Wedding: I turn into a Bride Post

I love this picture and I love these bracelets. So now I have a new accessory I must find. A Bracelet. A gorgeous, vintage style bracelet. Oh Etsy, here I come.

Did you have an accessory that was an after thought? Or you didn’t originally plan on wearing?

Posted March 22, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Attire

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