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So I have two new obsessions (to add to the already extensive list), vintage post cards and cake stands. I love these nostalgic reminders of eras gone by and the sentimental value such items can play in a wedding. I would love it if I could have the vintage cake plate from my mother’s or grandmother’s wedding, but alas such an item doesn’t exist. I blame this new obsession on The Knot’s Ultimate Style Finder. When I clicked on the vintage wedding ideas, I found myself obsessing over the pictures of post cards and cake stands. Look at these beauties:

All photos are from The Knot.

*****Update I found this goregous picture over on 100 Layer Cake

This picture makes me weak in the knees.

I now find myself pondering how to incorporate these beautiful items of my obsession into Mr. Darcy’s and my wedding. Now it’s your turn. Please, bring out of your sacred secrets brain file and share with me! Do you have any wedding obsessions? Any objects you are pondering on how to incorporate into your wedding?


Posted March 20, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Style

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