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In preparation for my upcoming post on our first do-it-yourself project for the wedding, the “save-the-dates”, I decided to share some of the lovely inspiration behind them. This is one of the elements I decided to incorporate Mr. Darcy’s and I interests into the wedding. Since both Mr. Darcy and I are both avid readers, I decided it would be fun to have “save-the-date” bookmarks. Here are some of the cute ones I found when searching on Google:

Source: Bridal Buds

Source: Paper Punch Press on Etsy

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

I decided to set-up a template in Microsoft Word. I set the page to portrait. Then I created four 7″x2″ rectangles in which I inserted our picture, a text box with all our essential ceremony and reception information, and our Las Vegas Skyline motif which I purchased from Etsy. I then played around with fonts and colors, until I got everything just right. I decided that Kraft paper cardstock would be the perfect backdrop giving it the vintage feel I desired. You will just have to wait see what they look like. I will post a full tutorial ASAP. I can’t wait to show you how they turned out!

How did your first do-it-yourself project turn out? What was your inspiration for it?


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