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On Wednesday, I enjoyed a lovely haircut at my favorite salon, Aveda Hi Lites. They always do a lovely job and I get a stress relieving chair massage as part of my service. Before I got my cut, Erin (stylist extraordinaire) asked me if I wanted to doing any face framing layers or bangs. Oooohhh, maybe. The whim struck me, maybe I want bangs. A lot of wedding hairstyles I have looked at and like have bangs. I did not get bangs this time around, but I am considering asking her for them next time around. Let’s look at some styles with bangs that have piqued my fancy:

Source: Brides Magazine Bohemian Wedding Style

I love the soft curls and the side-swept, semi-bang. (Yes I am coining my own hairstyle terms). 

Source: Wedding Bee

Again, this lovely bride-to-be has some face framing layers.

Source: Bellasugar.com

What about these side-swept face framing layers?

Source: The Knot

What about these lovely side swept bangs?

Source: The Knot

What about these bangs?

I don’t know about full-on bangs, but I am thinking maybe some face framing layers. Did you make a change to your typical hair cut to accommodate your wedding day hairstyle?

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