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So, I have shown you what Mama Austen and I are both wearing, but not what my lovely ladies will be wearing. I didn’t really have a particular design in my mind when I went shopping. At first I was thinking I would just go the whole black dress route, but Mama Austen wasn’t thrilled about the idea. I knew I wanted the dresses to be low on cost, because my girls were already traveling to Vegas. MOH, Mrs. Sewing, and I decided we would head over to David’s Bridal one Sunday after having breakfast. Mrs. Sewing asked me if I wanted long or short? Um, I don’t know. Color? I think Gold. I always wanted to find more than one style, so all the girls had choices. I also wanted to find one dress style that would cover lovely BM A’s chest tatoo. It’s not that I don’t like the tatoo – it’s rather cool, in fact. It’s just that it’s a quote and if the whole thing isn’t visable, everyone will be staring at her chest trying to figure it out the entire time. So we found a strapless style we both liked that came in gold. Mrs. Sewing tried it on and loved it, perfect. We found a coordinating style with a halter top and, viola(!), we were done. Easy-peasy, right?! Not quite. We go to the counter to have the sales lady add the dresses into my online profile. Oooops, the second style we picked out doesn’t come in gold, but it comes in champagne. This didn’t work for me, so I looked at the colors and decided upon Apple. Apple as in a red apple, since apples do come in a plethora of colors (including brown-think “road apples”- aka: horsy droppings). But, there we had it, bridesmaid dresses done; check. So, here they are, the two lovely dress styles we picked out:

David's Bridal Style 84177

David's Bridal 83707

Both styles have the convenience of pockets; some wear-it-again potential; and at $129 and $99 respectively, they are affordable. I will be getting the ladies jewelry for the day of, and I am asking them to wear gold shoes in whatever style they like.

How was your bridesmaid dress shopping experience? Did you have any style expectations for the bridesmaid dresses before going shopping? Did it just come together or was it a challenge?


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