To Video or Not to Video, That is the Question   1 comment

Videography. It has become my new obsession. How could it not be when I get e-mails from these guys in my inbox with gorgeous videos like this:

The video is from Memory Lane Video .  I am in love, but there really isn’t room in the budget to work with these guys. Besides, no outside videographers are allowed in the Mandalay Bay Chapel (this is common practice for Las Vegas hotel chapels). Wedding video of our ceremony is included in our package, so really we don’t need a videographer, at least not for the ceremony portion of our big day. It’s just something I really wanted. I decided to take a gander over to Craigs List to find out if there were any budding videographers out there who were running good deals. All I really wanted was someone to take video of our reception. I know that it will be quite the event. My two younger brothers, Trev and No, are cooking up a hilarious skit for their toast (I will not see it til the day of. They have been instructed they must have Mama Austen’s approval for all content though.)  The father-daughter dance will most definitely bring tears to mine and my mother’s eyes. The cake cutting will be accompanied by Trev playing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” on the guitar. MOH Mrs. Sewing’s toast will be hearfelt and emotional. I want these moments to be captured. I found IMemory Films on Craigs List. They were running a special for unlimited videography with one camera and six copies of the DVD for $595. Score!!!! I did some more research to make sure this wasn’t just some scam before contacting them. I found several reviews on and all comments were positive. So, I sent them an e-mail and had a phone call from a representative that evening. We set-up an appointment to meet in a nearby city at a Starbucks, the following week. All was is well, until Mr. Darcy had a huge blow-up over videography. It started out simple enough. I told Mr. Darcy about the awesome deal I found on a videographer and that I had an appointment to meet with him next week. I told him if he could get the time off work, I would love for him to come and if not Mama Austen would accompany me. His response, “How are we going to pay for a videographer?” Me:”Huh? What did you just say?” Mr. Darcy: “We have already spent so much money on this wedding. How are we going to afford something else?” Me: “Really? Do you even know what the budget looks like? No, because you haven’t done a single thing to help with this wedding.” Well you get the picture. This was not a good fight. It was a full-on blow out. Yes, I know it may seem a little crazy to fight over a videographer, but at the moment, I was frustrated and upset. As I have mentioned previously, I AM an emotional person. Turns out Mr. Darcy wasn’t completely honest about why he didn’t want a videographer. In reality he is self concious and doesn’t like the idea of being videotaped. I understand this feeling much better than I do the budget claims, because I am the budget queen. I have spent hours slaving over that baby (the budget) making sure that we had enough money for all the elements of the wedding. So Mr. Darcy and I decided I would go to the videography appointment and just see what they had to offer and if it even fit my taste and desires. Fast forward, a few days later, Mama Austen and I are supposed to be on our way to the appointment, and, in true Mama Austen fashion, she is running behind. (I usually tell her events and appointments are thirty minutes before they actually start in hopes that we will be on time). We get out the door and I leave a message for John on his cell phone, which is turned off, that I am running fifteen minutes late. We find the Starbucks with relative ease and when we get there, we ask every person who has a laptop if he is “John”. Much to my chagrin, there was no “John”. Oh well, maybe he is running late. He is coming from LA. Twenty minutes later, still no John, no phone call, and his cell phone is still off. Mama Austen and I leave with coffee-based drinks, a 1/2 lb. bag of there newest blend, and a Hawaiian compilation CD in hand. Surprisingly, neither one of us is upset (I, probably because I am sick and don’t have the energy to be so). We head home. I get an email from John on our way home. He had broke his cell phone and had been in an accident on the 91 freeway. He would call me soon. I still haven’t gotten a call from him. So now we’re back to square one. Is this a sign? Maybe we’re not meant to have a videographer. Now it’s on to plan B or C. Plan B: Contact the local colleges and see if they have any budding young film students who need some video for the portfolio and would be willing to tape our reception for a few hunderd dollars. Plan C: Have Mrs. Sewing’s husband take video of the reception and have Trev edit the video and burn it to a disc. For now I am not sure what to do.

Did you have a wedding expense that you and your fiance couldn’t agree on? Did you have a vendor meeting that just didn’t happen? Did you take it as fate or divine intervention?


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