If you give a mouse a cookie… if you give you give a MOB a wedding magazine   Leave a comment

Recently I bought a couple of new wedding magazines (I have an obsession with wedding magazines). Well, I showed Mama Austen my my most recent additions to my vast collection. A few days later, I found my magazines on the table with folded pages and notes. My mom had written pretty little notes in the margins next to the pictures she had found inspiration in. I love Mama Austen. I love her for so many reasons, this is just one of them. This made me realize that wedding is as much about our families as it is about us. This is only time Mama Austen will get to be the mother of the bride. (I am the oldest of three and the only girl). This will be the only time Papa Austen will walk his baby girl down the aisle. Weddings are full of “once in a lifetime” moments with the most important people in our lives. I think I have kind lost track of that in the planning (hence the “Come to Jesus” meeting with my mom last week).

Have any of you had a moment clarity about the wedding? Who are the people who have had the greatest influence over your wedding?


Posted March 15, 2011 by kcoleybear in Miss Austen

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