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Mr. Darcy hasn’t been exactly Mr. Helpful when it comes to the wedding. When I ask him his opinion on things, he usually gives a noncommittal grunt or responds with “Whatever makes you happy, honey.” Well Mr. Darcy has made three simple requests of the wedding:

1. To have our first dance be to the song “Then” by Brad Paisley

2. Have a picture slide show of us for the first dance

3. Have a groom’s cake

The first request is simple and I am happy to fulfill, because I, too, love the song. The second request requires a little more work on my part, but I am going to speak with the DJ about putting this together. The third request required a search for the perfect groom’s cake. Mr. Darcy is quite the outdoors man, he loves to camp, fish, and garden. His fishing interest is already represented in the wedding (I will post about this later), and camping and gardening weren’t exactly what I had in mind for a groom’s cake. I was thinking something more structural. Enter Mr. Darcy’s greatest love (besides me of course): Notre Dame Football. Mr. Darcy’s mood for an entire weekend can be determined by the outcome of a Notre Dame football game. Mr. Darcy’s love of Notre Dame is infectious, and I will spend my Saturday afternoons yelling at the TV right alongside Mr. Darcy. Hence the inspiration for the perfect groom’s cake. I googled Notre Dame football cakes and I found this beauty:

Notre Dame Football Cake from Cake Lava

I showed it to Mr. Darcy and he was instantly in love. “This exactly what I want, babe. I love you,” was his exact response. Mission accomplished!!! Mr. Darcy’s three wedding requests have been fulfilled.

Did your groom make any requests for the wedding? Did you have a groom’s cake? What was the inspiration for the cake?


Posted March 12, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Cake, Wedding Style

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