Building a Dream Team and Defining the Details- The Cake Episode   1 comment

So let me start off  with saying that planning a wedding from a distance (even if its only a 5 1/2 hour car drive) makes the internet your number one wedding pal. Scouring sites such as project wedding and the knot boards for reviews on possible wedding vendors becomes your number one priority. All the searching of cake reviews, paid off. When it came to finding our wedding cake vendor I knew exactly who I wanted, Aracelli of Aracelli Zea Cake Studio. She had a reputation for incredibly yummy cakes with super fresh ingredients. Plus her resume spoke for itself. Her resume included positions as a pastry sous chef and chocolatier at the Bellagio, MGM Grand, and Green Valley Ranch. Her flavor menu was mouth watering with flavors like Chocolate- Caramel Ganache, Vanilla Creme Brulee, and Raspberry Tiramisu. What about her designs? Her designs are gorgeous. You can check out the latest ones on her facebook page,!/azeacakestudio. So, originally I imagined a non-traditional cake with three stacked vintage books. Their titles were to be Pride and Prejudice (my favorite book ever… if you didn’t already know), Star Wars (Mr. Darcy and I listen to Star Wars books on tape together), and The Last Apprentice (a series that Mr. Darcy is currently reading and is in love with). So if you can’t tell, Mr. Darcy and I love reading and I thought this was a great way to bring our interest in. Here is an idea of what I imagined for the cake:

Vintage Book Cake

I imagined the books being in our crimson red and dark teal with gold writing. I wanted each book to be a separate cake. I also wanted them to seem real down to the last detail of the pages. I emailed Aracelli and she promptly responded with a few questions and ideas. I answered and she responded with a quote. It was higher than I could handle in our budget, so she made a few adjustments to the size and added a sheet cake to make the cake more budget friendly. Yeah!!! Hooray!!! Miss Austen and Mr. Darcy have a wedding cake. Not so fast, you didn’t think it would be that easy did you?! I showed Mama Austen the design and it looked like she was going to cry and not in a good way either. So what’s a girl to do? Mama and Papa Austen are paying for half the wedding and I don’t want Mama Austen to hate the wedding cake. Compromise. Compromise. Compromise. Prepare to add this word to your wedding planning vocabulary, because you will learn to do it a lot. So what did we come up with, well let’s first start with Mama Austen’s desired design.

Aracelli Zea Cake Studio

This cake is beautiful, but not for the Austen- Darcy wedding. It’s just too traditional. So here is what we came up with:

Aracelli Zea Cake Studio Design

We are using this design, but tweaking it to fit our needs. The middle tier will have Mr. Darcy’s proposal from the book Pride and Prejudice, the ribbons will be in our colors, and the top and bottom tier will feature the swiss dot pattern from the cake my mother loves. Also, as part of this compromise, Mr. Darcy and I will be getting a custom topper from Mudcards on Etsy, that is reflective of our hobbies. So, in the end, all parties are happy and we will save our wedding squabbles for another wedding decision.


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