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As I explained before my mom suffers from two chronic illness. Well illness has reared its ugly head again. Both Mama and Papa Austen will need surgery before the wedding. Mama Austen’s most likely a few weeks before the wedding. Well my first reaction, sobbing. Yes I laid on my bed sobbing while Mr. Darcy rubbed my back. I sobbed because I didn’t think it was fair that my two relatively young parents had to suffer like this. I know it seems childish, but in that moment that’s all I could do. When I stopped, sobbing, I started talking. I talked with my parents, my matron of honor, Mrs. Sewing, and two of my bridesmaids. My instinct was to postpone the wedding. My reasoning, I was not going to get married if Mama Austen was not there. After to talking to my nearest and dearest though we decided to just cut the guest list. The reasoning was that if we invited only our nearest and dearest family members and friends and limited the number of people, who would have to get on a plane to make it our wedding, then if Mama Austen couldn’t make it, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. So we will march on. We will continue to plan our November wedding and I will pray and hope that all will go well with Mama and Papa Austen’s surgeries. Life happens and Mr. Darcy and I have learned to roll with the punches long ago.


Posted February 25, 2011 by kcoleybear in Miss Austen

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