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 Mama Austen and I have been in search of a reception venue. We had crossed anywhere at Mandalay Bay off the list. Now we had a couple other restaurants to look at. Restaurants with private rooms that accommodate us all. First up, Maggiano’s LIttle Italy:

Outside of Maggiano's at Fashion Show Mall

Maggiano's Little Italy Banquet Room

Here is my take on Maggiano’s Little Italy-


1. The food is super delicious.

2. It’s affordable.

3. The portions are huge and nobody will go hungry.

4. Offer a variety of packages some even include the cake and bar.


1. The chairs and the table linens. I really didn’t like them. This means I would have to rent new ones.

2. The view from the last window is a half finished building and an empty lot.

This is a viable option.

Next up Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak, and Stone Crab

Banquet Room at Joe's


1. Beautiful View

2. Nice Place Settings

3. Room is in the Round

4. Great Lighting Fixture


1. No Room for Dancing

2. Again the chairs and linens

Last and final option, Trevi Restaurant at the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops-

Trevi Restaurant

View from the Room

View of Downstairs
Do you see all the gorgeousness? My mom and I were instantly in love. This room is just so unique and different. So now you have it, our reception location. I know it’s nontraditional, but it’s just an incredible room. The only time slot available was for 2:30pm, so we are going to have a cocktail style party. This is a good thing because there wouldn’t be room for dancing if we had a sit down meal.

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