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I love my wedding dress. I did buy it a couple years ago, but I am so glad I did because the designer doesn’t make it any more. Its simple, elegant, and makes me look and feel gorgeous. I have tried a couple other dresses on since then, but none have ever topped my dress. In the end my mom and I have always come back to my dress and fallen in love with it all over again. But today, today I saw the dresses Vera Wang designed for David’s Bridal today. The collection is called White by Vera Wang. Here is some of the gorgeous designs that Vera has designed for he bridal super store all coming in under $1,500.

Style: VW351011, Organza Fit and Flare

Style VW351010, Structured, Fit and Flare with one Shoulder

This one is my personal favorite. Style VW351002, a draped halter and empire waist with corsage

So why have these dresses given me pause and question my original dress choice? Well, I am obsessed with all things Vera. I love her designs. Her designs are all so chic, sophisticated, and elegant. I have always wanted a Vera Wang wedding dress. The design I was in love with had a $7,000 price tag and I knew it just wasn’t happening. Well now she has gone and designed gowns I can afford. I looked at the beautiful tulle confections online and was in love. I called Mr. Darcy and told him I was having one of those moments. He took a deep breath and asked me to explain. I told him. I told him how Vera had designed a line of gowns for David’s Bridal and the dresses were all under $1500. He responded with a reassuring and firm, “Honey you have a dress and you love it.” Tears began to well in my eyes. I know it sounds stupid, but a Vera Wang dress is just one of those things I had dreamed of and now it was within my reach. “Can’t I just try them on honey,” I pleaded. “Honey, you have a dress,” Mr. Darcy repeated. “I know. I love my dress, but I can just feel the luscious organza and charmeuse.” Mr. Darcy listened to my pleas and told me I could go try them on, but that I would probably fall in love with one or two for that matter. “It’s like playing with fire,” he so graciously pointed out to me. The point is I know I can’t afford to buy another wedding dress. I know if I go and try the dresses on I will want one and it will make it worse. So I will let it go and do my best not to oogle at the images on the David’s Bridal websites. Have you ever had a wedding dream or desire you had to let go?


Posted February 11, 2011 by kcoleybear in Wedding Attire

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