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Since we have very dear friends, the Sprinkles, who live in North Las Vegas when Mama Austen and I decided to make a trip to Vegas to search for a wedding venue we stayed with them. Mrs. Sprinkle, Mama Austen, and I headed out on day 1 with the idea of dropping by the JW Marriott in Summerlin. Let me just show some of this yummy goodness.

Ceres Restaurant

View from Ceres

I am mean really look at that restaurant, chandelier, beautiful view, wood beams in ceiling. This is not a traditional ballroom and seeing as neither my mom or I like traditional ballrooms, this venue was a great fit.

Check out this second option. Wouldn’t it be lovely for a brunch or lunch reception?

Marabella Room

As much as I loved this venue. It’s just not what I really wanted.

If we were going to have a destination wedding in Vegas, I wanted it to be in Vegas. Although neither Mr. Darcy or I are big partiers, drinkers, or gamblers, this is our wedding weekend and I want it to be fun. So we went to lunch and contemplated our next day of appointments.


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