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Last time I left you, we were in amidst of deciding between Las Vegas and Palm Springs for our wedding. This debate lasted a while with a lot of back and forth between my parents and I. When asked, Mr. Darcy responded with “Whatever makes you happy my dear.” So helpful, huh? Well in Mr. Darcy’s defense I think he is a little weddinged out between the DVR being full of wedding shows, me Googling wedding cakes, and my obsession with wedding magazines (the top shelf in my closet is full with them). Well after much discussion I decided I wanted our wedding to be about more than just one day. This in itself brought a whole new issue, the budget. The budget is the same no matter what way the cookie crumbles or whether or not I have a destination wedding or not. That being said, my parents don’t understand that a destination wedding means dividing our budget into more line items for things such as a welcome party/ meet and greet, and welcome bags. When I try to explain to them it’s just what you do, they say the only thing we’re required to do to get married, is to, well, get married. But, I say, it’s what I want to do. There I said it. I want to have cute welcome bags and a fun get together with all my guests, and, for that matter, I want a farewell brunch. I want everything to go with my destination wedding. What can I say, my parents spoiled me as a small child and now I have issues? Just kidding.


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